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Generation and Distribution of Frequency-Reference and Clocking-Signals

Real-Time / NTP (Network Time Protocol) Timeserver

Complete range of integrated solutions for Synchronisation of PDH/SDH/SONET and ATM Telecommunication Networks / GSM/UMTS/DAB/DVB/CDMA/Base-stations

Compact Stand Alone GPS Receivers with several options and re-timing functions

Management-Systems for the Network Synchronisation

Calibration / Reference Standards for Time and Frequency

GPS and DCF77 complete Systems

unverdross modules gps grp

GPS Satellite Receiver Modules / Slot Cards / PCI

Compact GPS OEM Board with several Oscillator Options

DCF77 Radio Clock Modules / Slot Cards

IRIG-A / IRIG-B Slot Cards

with adapted Software and Drivers

with Accessoires as Antennas, Displays ...

rubidium cesium standards quartz crystal

as Frequency Reference or complete System for Master Clock applications

Portable Rubidium Reference for Service purposes Model GRP

grp portable mobile
partners menberg oscilloquartz

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