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news quartz crystal oscillator unverdross

PLL based oscillators with 100,0 MHz / 400,0 MHz present interesting possibilities of use. The main features of this shown version are the following:

  • Two frequency outputs, 100,0 MHz direct and 400,0 MHz multiplied
  • Reference frequency input (PLL) for 40,0 MHz (10,0 MHz / 20,0 MHz inputs are available)
  • Very low phase noise near the carrier, meaning from 1 Hz to 100 kHz (see curves).

Exactly these high frequency oscillators with very low phase noise and the possibility to synchronize on an external reference are an important part of the product range from A.R.ELECTRONIQUE. In close cooperation with the development people of radar systems, SAT-terminals as well as measurement equipmen it is possible thanks to the great experience of A.R.E. / UT to draw up a specification referred to the requirement within a short time which can be proved on the other hand with a prototype in the real application. With this it is possible to provide an optimized and adapted solution with a good value in regards to pricing and performance.

The product range of the manufacturer A.R.E. contains beneath these frequency sources also oscillators as Clock / TCXO / OCXO for applications in which the specified performance can be guaranteed also under environmental conditions. Filter with quartz as well as lithium tantalate resonators complete the program.

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 Here we have reported till now about

       · NTP timeservers
       · Presentation “galileo-workshop”, dec. 2005  
GPS-OEM module as reference in base stations
       · Miniature OCXOs
       · Portable Rubidium Reference for service purposes
       · Precision-OCXO with very low phase noise
       · Measurement Module for Mains Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz

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